About 1 in 76 Henderson County homes in foreclosure in 2010

By David Forbes

In 2010, a total of 670 homes — roughly one in 76 — were in foreclosure in Henderson County, according to statistics gathered by the NC Justice Center, a low-income advocacy group. The rate is lower than the state as a whole, where about one in 63 homes were in foreclosure.

The analysis stretches back over 10 years. Back in 2000, Henderson County  had only 123 foreclosures. While that number increased over the decade alongside population growth and the housing boom, it remained relatively steady for most of those years — usually staying between 200 and 300 a year. But as the economic downturn struck in 2008, foreclosures spiked to 377, then rose to 543 in 2009.

According to the statistics, the counties with the highest rates were Mecklenburg and Union, each with one in 34 homes in foreclosure.

NC Justice Center Director of Communications Jeff Shaw cautioned in an announcement about the data that the numbers present a slight overestimation because some commercial foreclosures were included alongside residential foreclosures.

“But the figures also actually underestimate the number of North Carolina’s working families affected,” Shaw continued. “Because many apartment buildings and multi-family units were foreclosed on during 2010.”

The center’s announcement praised North Carolina’s “proactive measures to prevent foreclosure,” contrasting the state’s rate with the national average of one in 45 homes in foreclosure, and called for more public investment.

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Article by Jeff Fobes

Authors bio is coming up shortly.

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